“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead, American author, speaker and cultural anthropologist.


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Over the last couple months we’ve all experienced unimaginable shifts to our daily lives: both here in Atlantic Canada and the world over. In the shared interests of providing some structure and maybe even a little catharsis for other youth and their peers, a few of our Atlantic Canadian Youth Ambassadors have come up with some pretty darn nifty online engagement projects.


We hope you’ll share in their enthusiasm for reading, online engagement and youth empowerment by taking part in some or all of these activities, too.


We are currently underway with three Digitally Lit Online Engagement Projects:


  1. The #InThisTogether Photo & Book Quote Campaign, spearheaded by Newfoundland & Labrador Youth Ambassador Molly Powers.
  2. The Fan Fiction 2020 Creative Writing Contest, spearheaded by Prince Edward Island Youth Ambassador Katie Shaw; and
  3. The Digitally Lit Character Quiz, spearheaded by Newfoundland & Labrador Youth Ambassador, Oliver Hallett, with illustrations by Nova Scotian Youth Ambassador Jessica Muriel Parsons.

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#InThisTogether Photo & Book Quote Campaign

Spearheaded by Newfoundland & Labrador Youth Ambassador Molly Powers,











This project is wonderfully kind and inclusive in nature. Molly wanted to help bridge the isolation being felt by many these days by encouraging others to share our sense of place in our respective “outside” and “inner” worlds.


That's why Molly’s taking pictures surrounded by local scenery and sharing quotes            from the books she’s currently reading.


To take part, simply:


1.    Grab a book and find your favourite quote from it (*bonus* if it’s a book that was published within Atlantic Canada).

2.   Next, find a place that represents your outside world currently and take a picture of you and/or your book in this environment. This outside world could be anything from your backyard to your workplace to your living room: it all counts these days!

3.   Next, post this photo along with a quote from the book in your social media feeds.

4.   Finally, add the hash tags #InThisTogether and #DigitallyLit and encourage your friends to take part!

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Fan Fiction 2020 Creative Writing Contest


The Digitally Lit Fan Fiction 2020 Creative Writing Contest, conceived by PEI’s Youth Ambassador, Ms. Katie Shaw, was launched on April 28, 2020, via both Katie’s and Digitally Lit’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube feeds.


To enter, you will be tasked with writing an “alternate” ending. For example, imagine how your chosen book characters/settings/circumstances might have been impacted by our present day, real-world pandemic, or choose a different theme entirely and let your imagination run wild!


Entries will be judged by a qualified team of Digitally Lit consultants and the respective book author. Entries must be original content, no less than 500 words and no more than 2000.There are ten excerpts from ten separate books available from which you can imagine and craft the unfolding of your own original tale. Click below to read an excerpt and better learn the style and tone created by the original author. KINDLY NOTE: Digitally Lit has extended our context deadline to noon, Wednesday, May 27, 2020, to accommodate educators and their students.








For details on deadlines, prizes and how to participate, click HERE  !



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                Digitally Lit Character Quiz: "Which Atlantic Canadian Protagonist are you?"


Spearheaded by Newfoundland & Labrador Youth Ambassador, Oliver Hallett, with illustrations by Nova Scotian Youth Ambassador Jessica Muriel Parsons, this is a fun                  tool for learning which literary character from books published in Atlantic Canada you                 (and your friends too!) most resemble. Come on, have a little fun... give it a go!

To learn more about all of our Youth Ambassadors, please click here.


To keep up-to-date and following along with these and other fun and creative Digitally Lit projects in the works, check out Digitally Lit’s Social Media Channels below.



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